Sunday, January 04, 2009

Album of The Year 2008

1) Johnny Foreigner – Waited up ‘til It Was Light
“Full of brash abrasive tunes, with a girl boy vocal that arrests and charms in equal measure.”

2) Pelle Carlberg – The Lilac Time
“Beautiful charming delightful and full of wit Carlberg makes folk, sweet.”

3) Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires
“Dreamy ambience with a knack for the tune, yet with attitude and ability”

4) Alphabeat – This is Alphabeat
“Full of tunes, no pretence, no shame just straight forward brilliant pop”

5) Jim Noir – Jim Noir
“Remarkable ignored lost gem of Manchester, it may not sell the brand but it speaks volumes”

6) Elle Milano – Acres of Dead Space Cadets
“Now Defunct outfit, a lost gem, a lost sparkle and a brash voice lost”

7) These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid
“Says nothing while saying something, says something while saying nothing, modern in kind, arresting in a listen”

8) Declining Winter – Goodbye Minnesota
“A sparse musical adventure that escapes the mind but floats gently on the soul”

9) Troubles – Wolf
“A rebirth from the ashes of greatest, and yet it holds its own its quality and sound”

10) John & Jehn – The Debut Album
“Haunting vocals delivered on a backdrop of melancholy and Loss.”

11) Eugene McGuiness – Eugene McGuiness
“Spikey, youthful exciting and fun, McGuiness can speak for many”

12) Half Man, Half Biscuit – CSI Ambleside
“Full of Humour and Tunes to match, CSI Ambleside nails modern life on its head”

13) Billy Bragg – Mr Love & Justice
“Bragg’s sparse lyrical content alongside his musical direction creates his most accessible work to date.”

14) Two Man Gentlemen Band – Heavy Petting
“Banjo Duelling, Double Bass banging its Americana from the 00’s the 1900’s and it’s par excellence”

15) Flaming Lips – Christmas on Mars Soundtrack
“The Movie is for fans, but this dark, sparse most haunting soundtrack should be let out, and elope the ears of everyone.”

16) Goddamn Electric Bill – Topics for Gossip
“Electronic sounds alongside tunes most found, allows for a record of quality to be born”

17) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
“Record = Looping noises and sounds over a bed of fading vocals and wonderful worlds, Live = hopelessly dirge….you decide?”

18) Guillemots – Red
“Guillemots go daring and fail commercially but succeed in music”

19) School of Language – Sea from Shore
“An Album Most Alternative”

20) You, Me @ Six
“Pound for pound the best new “emo” album this year”

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