Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On The Box - This Last Week In Television

I used to ignore television, it had become something i paid a licence for but rarely watched, as they say University was too exciting. However ever since i've graduated i've returned home and television is a constant.

'Press Stop, Press Play, Record and Rewatch.. Just not sports'

I have BT vision and this is handy due the amount of stuff my mum forces me to watch, and the problems i have accessing informative exciting and thought provoking television along with Match of The Day. You can press Stop, Press Play, Record and rewatch but for some strange reason i need to watch sport as it happens.

This includes late night Baseball, which is shown on Channel 5 and features Johnny and Josh, these welcoming "Blokes" have a delightful brand of charm and humour and hell if you don't like Baseball it's worth it for them alone....remember you could get BT Vision and fast forward.However for me i love Baseball and No Yankees, however post season like Euro 2008 will probably be much better for the lack of my team.

'Craig Burley...Get In My Son'

Staying on Sport, the wonderful Setanta (And yes i admit i actually love them, mainly for James Richardson being given a football show) have possibly the cheapest version of Andy Gray they could find. Craig Burley formerly of well Scotland and apparently Celtic is possibly from the Steve Claridge school of football, in which he repeats basically the great myths of football. These myths like Rafa Benietz rotates far more than anyone, Sheffield Utd were conned and Neil Warnock is a cock.. well perhaps that last one isn't a myth. Anyhow Burley must be paid for the "In My Son" comment, he mentions it possibly 20 times a match, a direct copy of Mr Gray who for his ills has toned it down.

Still Burley is continously wrong, his criticisms are usually about one decision which he will equate has happened throughout the match, this quite frankly makes him the worst pundit on television apart from David "Yossi Benuoooon" Pleat.

'A Whispering Eastend'

Finally i'm talking about the soaps, however i only watch Corrie and Eastenders and bits of Emmerdale (if i can't avoid it...It's better than the one show), and the Peadophile story grips the nation or maybe not. A worry is that Eastenders has recieved little coverage on this and yet as soon as Rosie Webster (Who is Fat, Obnoxious and ugly) shows a slight tit, the papers cry FURY after all thats what they do best, and they go on to show these shocking pictures taken from Corrie so that every man who sees it can show fury with his right hand.

Anyhow the Peadophile story is worrying A) because the guy can't actually be heard, he doesn't pitch anything above a mumble, this however is a habit of most characters in Eastenders apart from Patrick. B) He's now focusing his eyes away from Whitney and on to an innocent kid, and no it's not Lucy Beale who i think was having sex with a older lad some months ago (I think it was the actual peadophile story but was scrapped in favour of this), and anyhow Lucy Beale looks about 21 so she wouldn't be that suitable for this storyline. C) He's marrying Bianca, surely someone should of spotted him by now.

Alas it's hard hitting and not a subject that should be criticised so much as it's brave of them to tackle it, but hell it's better than commenting on Jamie Oliver's Minstry of Food, in which Oliver seems to patronise poor people, he'll get a knighthood for this probably.

One last word on the modern version of Merlin, as bad as the first espisode was i decided to give it a go, it's actually pretty good and Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, Merlin and King Arthur are as delightful as each other.

Regards and seeya next week