Friday, September 07, 2007

Maybe a "Modern Labour"

Recently, I've been considering my idea's and values in a social and political way. It's not that i feel i have become more centrist, it is that i have felt uneasy with the relative concepts that the left views itself in.

Furthermore upon reading Phillip Gould's Unfinished Revolution, i came to feel more not old or new labour, but an inbetween. I don't feel the modernising force that became blurred under New Labour, nethier do i feel the cold static outdated past of old labour.

"Certain Ideas"
Perhaps as i question my standing, i can view different points of view. I was against the war, the reasoning was flawed. However what really irratates me on the war is the way we simply breezed in without a plan, and are now leaving with a hundred fewer servicemen, and what really for, Hussien never collectively had power in much of the country much like the current government. Iraq is split by religion, it always will be, no one will have a stable country, but i do believe maybe that it is time for us to leave.

For the union question, i believe unions need to modernise, the collective vote was a mistake, and a mistake that clause Iv, and Blair forced out. However, how can a union modernise, how can they force through action when most of the public just complain when a strike happens. This countries forgotten that the workers, who would think themselves as middle class have been pushed to the limit. We need a new thinking, a third way for the unions, as well as Labour.

"Modern Labour?"
I got the term "Modern Labour" from a interview i did, And it seems quite apt at the end of Tony Blair, the Labour party needs a new view, a world view that relies less on the US, more on the collective europe. We need a better serving transport plan, no more cancellation of train and tram projects in the face of increased road building. On the society we have we must listen to the youth, we must for once welcome them to debate, and not just the ones who are at the lowest or the highest of the education spectrum, the generation this country has lost. We should not condone Video Games or Tv as a quick fix to a society that isn't broken, but needs to be talked too. And we should no longer attack the needs of university generation, one which is now a customer, and a customer the universities should be offering far more to, and not less.

I've had the idea of collecting a manifesto together for some time, I want to collect a jumbled few ideas, such as this and put something i feel will benefit the country. Modern Labour needs the power to run this country that's 21st century, sad to say that Thatcher started and sped the modernising of this country up too quickly. Gould, Mandelson and others collectively modernised and developed the plans for a future Labour government, now it's time to start to build the country, we modernised too quickly and that we have little time is the most worrying thing.

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