Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mac Review Issue 11

Cajun Dance Party

Maybe you’ve heard the single, or maybe you’ve realised that you do have paedophile tendencies, Ok they aren’t that young after all, but what is shocking is how good they are. Daniel Blumberg, the front man, has a brilliant way with words, and the cuteness of the band doesn’t stop there. Thrilling live, and energy a plenty, the new single “The Next Untouchable” is a slice of pop genius which has been getting Steve Lamacq quite in a flutter (what a sight). They could be scamps from Skins, or just another five college mates in a band, yet you don’t get exciting pop beats from just anyone. Grand statements are being made, and though they are far too young, you would be silly to back against them, so let’s get partying.
The Mac Chart

1) The Next Untouchable – Cajun Dance Party
2) Fucking Boyfriend – The Bird & the Bee
3) Backfire at the Disco – The Wombats
4) The 2nd Great Depression – Manic Street Preachers
5) Fashion Parade – Misty’s Big Adventure
6) Cartoon Blues – Bright Eyes
7) Cherry Ghost - Mathematics
8) Foals - Hummer
9) Derek Jarman’s Garden – Nicky Wire
10) Fuck It I Love You – Malcolm Middleton

Album Reviews

Dntel – Dumb Luck

Dumb Luck is ironic in title, firstly it features many of the generation’s greatest songwriters, yet seems to lack any kind of song writing know-how. Secondary the fusion between tracks is woeful and lacking any idea, the beats are amateur, and the whole process seems to be trying too hard. However their are highlights on this record, firstly the vocals of Jenny Lewis are harmonic to the point of beauty, and To a Fault is sublime, but mostly it fails, sadly. 6/10

The Bishops – The Bishops
My ding a ling, my ding a ling. Oh hello, welcome to the 21st century in which all bands retread some generation’s music. Some of this however sounds quite modern, which I thought was impossible for The Bishops, who on previous singles seem to be stuck in 1963. They have the odd catchy song, and I have to admit the production has improved them immensely, however they are after all still your average indie band, still though, better than the Kaiser Chiefs. 4/10

The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters
Don’t judge an album by its cover, the drastic horror of its cover illuminates to an album full of beauty and sorrow. Its power and intensity is a draw as well as its style and content, it’s a delve into the inner workings of a group on the edge, much as the cover suggests, this is about rejection, heartache and struggle. It battles those wars on its terms, and I would like to think, it won. 8/10

Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare
Poetry apparently, this is the new Arctic Monkeys album, Brian Storm is all well and good but the lyrics are poor. The second album sounds pretty banal, as with the first, and your favourite worst nightmare must mean a reference to your favourite band retreading the first album. Dull as dishwater without anything inspirational, is this an act of arrogance, or have they generally no ideas. 4/10

Other Albums
Kings of Leon/On Call – Parking Ticket 2/10
Nine Inch Nails/Year Zero – Too Soon 5/10
Mark Ronson/Version – Hit & Miss 5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen/Wrong Meeting – Right Time 8/10
Electric Soft Parade/ No Need to Be Downhearted – Hurt Inside 7/10
Thee More Shallows/Book of Bad Breaks – Breaking Up 7/10
The Switches/Heart Turned D.E.A.D – Signs of Life 7/10

Single Reviews

Foals – Hummer
No hook, no line, and this track will never sinker. The Foals are as interesting on record as their exhilarating live shows. Ironically this is no hummer, yet it’s catchy and it’s danceable to fuck, yes fuck. Sprightly kicking over the competition the Foals win on points score. 9/10

The Enemy
The most interesting thing to say about this record is that the singer looks like an ugly Mark E Smith. Furthermore, other bits of knowledge include they are from Coventry, and they are speaking from their broken working class hearts. Indeed, if I was The Manics, I would get them as support. Oh apparently they have, the records fucking awful mind. 1/10

Travis – Closer
Gone are the political leanings, and a move back to the dull as dishwater songs of the past. Closer is the new single from Travis, and slating Travis is like throwing sticks at a Tory Mp. Upsetting as it is, it is needed in fact its imperative that it happens, this is god awful bland boring sentimental wank. 1/10

Other Singles

1990’s/See you At – Lammo Look-alike 7/10
BRMC/Weapon of Choice – Library 4/10
Ash/You Can’t Have It All – Pure Pop 7/10
Field Music/She Can Do What She Likes – Bouncing Beauty 7/10
Strange Death of Liberal England/A Day Another Day – Fight Back 9/10
Daniel Johnston/Death of Satan – Casio R.I.P 4/10
Mika/Love Today – No Maybe Tomorrow 1/10

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