Monday, January 23, 2006

Latest Albums & Singles for 23rd January 2006

Arctic Monkeys - What Ever People Say I Am, Thats What I'm Not
Well four acne attacked youngsters from Yorkshire have caused quite a scene, with lyrics that have been likened to Pulp and fevered excitement not seen since the Libertines, The Arctic Monkeys seem to have it made.

The album however is indifferent, it has good tunes and bad tunes and its hardly Pulp in eithier wit or wisdom. Scummy has it was formely known and "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" are slices of brilliant post punk however i'd rather not waste time on the harsher parts of this album has they are many and its lack of depth tells with 5 tracks in. A Bad debut by no means but not made from gold eithier. 5/10

The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out
Quirky four piece very similar to the zutons and et al that have gone previous, so nothing really new here then. However the songs have a catchy element of dance and rock to keep you amused for the duration of the album lots of filler but lots of fun maybe the kooks deserve more hype than they get. 6/10

Richard Ashcroft - Keys To The World
Self Proclaimed Jesus releases yet another solo album full of cacky tunes and overblown operatics, his voice is horrible its got progressivly worse since The Verve yet he still believes in his mind that he is Jesus and that his music is some what different. Its different i'll hand him that, i wouldn't hand him a recording contract though. 2/10

Cat Power - The Greatest
Possibly what Mr Ashcroft was aiming for in his album, however Chan Marshall the genius behind Cat Power pulls it off effortlessly and with so much beauty that this could of been made at least by an angel if not god himself. What is subtlely beautiful about The Greatest is its unique delivery and charm and this makes it a contender for album of the year lists. 8/10

Be Your Own Pet - Lets Get Sandy
A crazy mish mash of a track that comes in under a minute long, its unlikely to advertise the album which is a shame because unlike this track the albums good very good, while this is bad very bad 3/10

Cut Copy - Going Nowhere
Cut Copy's least electro beepy track of their amazing debut album "Bright Like Neon Love", however the song is still very good attractively sounding and desperation in the voice makes it sound like the Flaming Lips daubed in electronica in their twenties 8/10

Aha - Analogue
Rubbish, seriously pathetic its Middle of the road accoustic rock bollocks. I know they were bad in the 80's but surely maturity should of done something this is indeed the worse single of the year so far 0/10

Infadels - Can't Get Enough
Werid sounding intros and tracks that last over several minutes the Infadels have arrived into this world with a dancey disco sounding track, exciting in its very brash delieverance and rather werid sounding vocals the Infadels are just different enough to be a hit. 7/10

Matt Hurst

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Chad said...

i love the mac's reviews. keep em coming. today is election day in canada, probably our first conservative government in years.

Marky said...

'Bright like Neon Love" has the most amazing cover of any album ever. It also has some good tunes on it.

I agree with your Artic Monkeys take, even my Dad like those bastards.

And now based on your advice I will download Infidels single.

Keep it up Mr. Hurst.

Anonymous said...

you should listen to the rest of the new a-ha album